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The overall goal of the CRA is to promote waste reduction and recycling of marketable/recyclable materials in the Carolinas. The members of CRA recognize that: Recycling reduces the weight and volume, and therefore cost, of waste to be disposed and reintroduces into the economy materials previously considered without value. Recycling supports manufacturing. Production of everything from steel to glass, paper, packaging, automobile and construction products, and textiles are made from recycled material in the Carolinas. Recycling creates jobs and business opportunities. It is one of the most consistently growing sectors of the economy in the Carolinas. Recycling helps reduce the need for new landfills. The growth in recycling has helped increase landfill capacity in NC from 20 to 32 years. Recycling allows citizens to contribute to environmental solutions. Through the simple act of recycling, Carolinians save water and energy, prevent pollution, protect habitats, and conserve valuable resources. Recycling improves the quality of life in Carolina communities.

  • Date: 3/27/2023 12:00 AM - 3/30/2023 12:00 AM
  • Location 10 Convention Center Dr, Wilmington, NC 28401 (Map)
  • More Info: Wilmington Convention Center



Educate: We organize the largest conference in the Southeast dedicated to creating networking opportunities for recycling professionals and hosting cutting-edge recycling education sessions.

Connect: We connect recycling businesses locally and regionally to increase the amount of materials captured, create jobs and increase revenue in the Carolinas.

Inspire: We host meetings and workshops for recycling professionals throughout the Carolinas to provide information about waste reduction, sustainability and emerging topics for all members.

Inform: We publish newsletters with valuable recycling industry information to keep the membership informed of current trends and events.

Advocate: We represent the interests of the recycling industry as the main recycling trade organization in both North and South Carolina.

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33rd Annual Conference & Trade Show – Carolina Recycling Association (