Miguel "Mike" Vargas
President & Owner

Founder, President & Owner, of Mavrx, leading Small Business partnerships with the Community.

Miguel “Mike” Vargas leads Mavrx and serves as Founder & Owner over 5 years ago.  Mr. Vargas had developed this Small Business entity to encompass his past team, facility leadership and operational management experiences to now delivering broad Client Facility & Site services here in the continental United States and associated US territories.

Inspired by his Grandmother’s love and respect for quality and tradition, Mr. Vargas applied his Puerto Rico family roots to earn distinguished Chef & Senior Facility Manager positions in Boston, Manhattan and eventually to internationally represented facilities. 

In expanding his career, Mr. Vargas held a longstanding position as Director over Operations for Food & Beverage of a 180-acre resort facility responsible for five (5) restaurants and managed over 80 staff persons of various professional capacities.  Upon ten (10) years of successfully operating facility in US Virgin Islands, Mr. Vargas transitioned to Charleston SC to continue professional industry visions, which lead to the creation of Mavrx.  

Currently, Mavrx is a front edge leader in the Small Business Community and has found accelerated growth in offering comprehensive solutions to facility managers in the Region.

Mr. Vargas’ keen knowledge of multi-facility management including purchasing, inventory, critical execution of services, compliance, preventative & time sensitive maintenance, custom operational planning and team functioning, has set a foundation to continue leading Mavrx as "go to" Small Business partner to its Clients.